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Our horses
Here we present a part of our "top horses". We only sell horses on request. To see a photo in large format, just click on it.
You are welcome to send us your questions via the mail contact form or just give us a call.
FBW Gina K
Mare, dark brown * 2007
S: Grafenstolz
DS: Lenys Lemon
DDS: Rasso
B: Martin Kruck
O: Martin Kruck
Until now, Falk could celebrate his greatest successes with "Gina". From state champion of BaWue with 5 year-old eventing horses up to the Nations Cup victory, the two can show several common successes on the "big stage".

The performance of this beautiful mare is far above average. She is an incredibly ambitious cross-country horse and able to be faultless even after a demanding long-distance tournament.

So she is Falk's hope for a great championship.
Giaccomo YSK

Gelding, brown * 2008
S: Grafenstolz
DS: Argentinus
DDS: Maikoenig
B: Yvonne Steiner-Kuehne
O: Yvonne Steiner-Kuehne
"Jacky", his stable name, was drawn up by his owner Yvonne Steiner-Kuehne. The fact that the brown gelding has grown up at 800 meters in height could be noticed especially when the terrain gets mountainous and he starts tackling again the challenge. Just a real fighter. But that's not all: His ability to move is very expressive.

The Swiss gelding has been with Falk since his 5th year and is one of his most successful horses. He was multiple times placed 2* and could collect first experiences in 3* already.

Mare, brown * 2006
S: Lusano
DS: Literat
DDS: Periander
B: ZG Ralf and Renate Renner
O: Renate Renner
Francis, who starts joining Falk in 2016, had previously been successful to CIC3* with Falk's colleague Kai-Steffen Meier. Francis and Falk placed soon to CIC2*. Unfortunately the mare got injured and since then she has been used "only" in showjumping.
Francis started her first season as a showjumping horse in 2017. The motivated mare was immediately victorious to class M and showed performance and quality in her first heavy classes. The family Renner is not only horse owner in our stable, but also long-time close friends, business partners and supporters of our company.
La Bonita

Mare, chestnut * 2007
S: Landorino R
DS: Argentinus
DDS: Goldstern
B:  Anton Herre
O: Thilo Klasen
"Lale", her stable name, is a very special horse. Thilo and Jassi handed the horse into our hands in 2016, mid-season. The highly enabled mare was already placed and victorious up to class "S". Right away, Falk managed to place the beautiful mare several times in the "heavy class". Above all, the sensitive mare demands a lot of sensitivity by the rider, but she is quite capable of doing great performance.

Thilo Klasen and Jasmin Doerr have not only shown themselves to be a pleasant horse owner for our young company. In very short time a close, trusting friendship grew up.
Con Spiritos Girl
Mare, brown * 2007
S: Con Spirito R
DS: Literat
DDS: Periander
B:  ZG Ralf and Renate Renner
O: ZG Ralf and Renate Renner
"Spritzi", her stable name, has only been introduced by Falk since 2017. She comes from the same mother as Francis, and was also drawn up by family Renner.

The large-framed, beautiful mare can show front placements up to M**. Thanks to her compact gallop, she can be ridden fast and agile on showjumping courses.

Mare, brown * 2011
S: Ciaco’s Son
DS: Ituango xx
DDS: Capitol II
B: Steffen Drechsler
O: Jasmin Doerr
In our stable Chantal is called "Chanty". The 6 year old mare is enabled with everything a potential equine athlete needs for the future.

When Thilo and Jassi realized that Falk was toying to buy the blooming mare and looking for sponsors, they quickly decided to buy this "youngster" for the eventing sport. They once again underlined their dedication to the equestrian sports. Thanks for that.
Planter’s Punch
Gelding, brown * 2013
S: Desirao xx
DS: Corallo
DDS: Pik Boy
B:  Miriam Bray
O: Birgit Hackius
"Planty" is the name of the little beau in our stable. Birgit Hackius purchased him in 2017 as youngster for Falk.

The brown gelding shows sweeping and room-expansive movements. He jumps highly enabled and with his bright and intelligent nature gives hope for doing great tournaments.

Birgit is one of our most trusted horse owners for a long period of time. We thank her for her trust and her help.
Clair de Lune blanc RW

Mare, grey * 2013
S: Hirtentanz
DS: Camaro
DDS: Donaumonarch
B: Anja Riegger
O: Anja Riegger
The fancy grey mare "Clair", owned by the breeder family "Riegger Weiss", will certainly make her breeders very proud.

"Clair" is in the blood type, moves well and scores especially when jumping. Her fearless nature gives hope for first successes very soon.

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