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 Westerich Horse Sport GbR
WHS Equestrian Center
The equestrian center Westerich Horse Sports GbR is managed by Falk-Filip-Finn and his sister Kim-Shirin Westerich.

What started as a hobby on the parents' equestrian center, developed into a profession out of deep passion. And this passion was and is that passes onto the whole team of "WHS". Here, everyone is an important part of the "whole": riders, horses, horse owners and sponsors.

In the meantime we permanently have more than 20 horses to be trained or trained to be sold, which are presented up to top in sports at national and international tournaments. In addition, rider talents in all ages are trained and supported. These riders are not only trained by the team WHS, but also get the necessary management and coaching from a single source.

Our service offerings are flexible and not standardized and can be tailored to each rider and horse. We see ourselves as your personal coach, consultant and trainer who wants to accompany you on all issues and activities. Just ask us.

Overview service offerings:
  • Horse riding lessons in dressage, jumping and eventing
  • Equestrian services: Full riding, splitted riding, breaking in
  • Sale of yearlings to experienced top athletes
  • Breeders consulting for sales and training
  • Integrated, individually tailored dual-management "rider & horse"
  • Different other courses

Get in contact with us!
Where do you find us ?

You will find our property passing the road for 1 km, that leads from Ruppertshofen to the small neighboring suburb Tonolzbronn. You will easily see our riding arena and outbuildings from afar. Just in front of the entrance to our property, near the stables, you will find plenty of room for parking and turning. See our interactive location map below.

Westerich Horse Sport GbR
D-73577 Ruppertshofen-Tonolzbronn
Fohlenhof 1

Falk Westerich
Phone: +49 174 - 416 38 37
Mail: info@westerich-horse-sport.de
Web: www.westerich-horse-sport.com

Your data will be stored and used to get in contact if needed and to process your request. Your data can be deleted at any time, if requested.

Our location
Ruppertshofen - Tonolzbronn - Fohlenhof
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    D-73577 Ruppertshofen, Fohlenhof 1, Germany
© 2017- Westerich Horse Sport GbR
    D-73577 Ruppertshofen, Fohlenhof 1
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