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Our Team
We know from experience that you can never participate in a competition on your own. Success starts at home and is a product of good teamwork and extensive communication. The siblings Falk-Filip-Finn and Kim-Shirin prove teamworking again and again and appriciated it a lot.

It is a pleasure to introduce our great teamworkers Kim-Shirin, Lea und Pauline to you.
Reitsportzentrum WHS Kim-Shirin Westerich
Kim-Shirin Westerich

Kim-Shirin Westerich was born in 1983, so she is the older sister of Falk.

She discovered the horse's back very early and visited her first tournaments even as child. Until the age of 16, she rode in the state pony eventing cadre of BaWue very successful.
Kim-Shirin was able to compete placements at championships in the junior national cadre, at championships of BaWue, and at German championships.

With the big horses she rode successfully with several horses until CIC**.

Because of her experiences, she is Falk's closest advisor, trainer, guardian and manager. Kim-Shirin manages all processes in our company. From feeding up to riding and training plans, everything runs through her hands.
WHS Reitsportanlage Lea Riedel
Lea Riedel

Lea Riedel is indispensable in our team, because of her quiet kind and sensitive way of riding, especially for difficult horses. Her equestrian competences are of high quality.

As an apprentice, she also successfully rode on international eventing tournaments. She participated in nationwide competitions and German championships as well.
WHS Reitsportanlage Pauline Brunner
Pauline Brunner

Pauline Brunner is also in apprenticeship to become "Pferdewirtin" in classic riding. She is an absolute all-rounder.

Pauline covers all areas of responsibility with a professional approach, from basic exams for young horses up to jumping, dressage and eventing tournaments.
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