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The data entered will be saved and will only be used to process your request and can be deleted at any time on request.

Terms of participation

For binding registration please enter the required data in the form in all fields marked with *)

By sending your course registration, your required course is bindingly reserved. You will receive an e-mail confirmation from us. The listet course-costs should be sent by money-transfer to our bank account within 7 days (bank account details see confirmation e-mail). With your money-transfer, you confirm the registration details sent in our confirmation e-mail. Please inform us in advance of any incorrect details.

Please pay attention to the 7-day period. In case of non-observance, we make use of our right to assign the course reservation to someone else. If you are unable to attend the course but can bring a replacement, you will get your already paid course costs refunded.

The organizer accepts no liability for injuries that your horse may suffer or that may be caused by your horse to third parties. If possible, dogs should be left at home. And if not, it is your duty that the dog is always leashed on the entire area of our equestrian center.

Westerich Horse Sport GbR
D-73577 Ruppertshofen, Tonolzbronn, Fohlenhof 1
 Phone: +49 174 - 4163837

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© 2017- Westerich Horse Sport GbR
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© 2017- Westerich Horse Sport GbR
    D-73577 Ruppertshofen, Fohlenhof 1
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